No Diet Food

Update 23rd October 2009.

Had recommended it to @ashokbanker who sounded a bit skeptical about it. Coincidentally my Father in Law visited since he had a doctor’s appointment & was desperate to try out the new look. Off we went! Started with Sheekh kabab (a bit spicy but still succulent, though I would have liked them a bit crisp) with a roti, followed by Dum Ghost Biryani (amazing acc to my FIL) & Kheema Pulao which was good with couple of cold drinks all under Rs. 500/-. So Ashok you can take it to the Bank! Still good & larger than before.

BTW All of them – Colaba, Juhu, Lokhandwala have separated & are independent now as confirmed by one of the owners Hanifbhai

1st cross lane of Lokhandwala (Andheri-W). Typical moughlai stuff swimming in rich oily gravies & great meat that is of no use to the diet conscious. Has been there for eons and shall continue for time memorial.