FINAL CLOSURE UPDATE October 20,2009 3.30 pm :

Personal Details – (Personal+ Professional+FB+Linkedin etc)

Email    500 x .50

Texts 300 x .50

Blog & Calls 180 x 5.00

Gifts 8 x 100

Total Rs. 2100/- Rupees Two thousand one hundred only.

Tuesday October 20, 2009

Mission Accomplished. #deepwish finally raised Rs55,000 for Goonj. Rupees fifty five thousand only. Say it again. Rs55,000. Wow.

43 people. 36 hours. 64.75 per wish = Rs 30,821. On Twitteristan. Those were the effort of 42 people on per tweet basis.

Then there are some silent do-gooders, who prefer not to reveal their names. They have given a lumpsum of Rs24,179 for #deepwish.

Update Sunday October 18, 2009 12 midnight

@anaggh Rs1.00

@aneebunee Rs1.00

@atulkarmarkar Rs2.50

@Ankit_A Rs 1.00

@akisaxena Rs 3.00

@chiefsanjay Rs 1.00

@chicalit Rs 1.00

@b50 Rs1.00

@deepakshenoy Rs2.00

@dhempe 1.00

@fartfree Rs1.00

@gagrin Rs1.00

@gkjohn Rs1.00

@gopinathmm Rs 1.00

@hp_livelife Rs2.00

@iamshishir Rs2.00

@krist0ph3r Rs1.00

@knayam 0.50

@limeIce Rs3.00

@mloclam Rs 1.00

@mihirlakhani 0.50

@nichetechie Rs1.50

@nihang Rs2.00

@pramodscom Rs3.00

@PreetChandhoke Rs5.00

@prolificd Rs1.25

@prashantsolanki Rs 0.50

@rak35h Rs3.00

@realin Rs 1.00

@s4sukhdeep Rs0.50

@shamz911 Rs3.00

@shayonpal Rs3.00

@simple_sy Rs1.00

@sizzler_chetan Rs1.00

@sudhiru Rs1.00

@sumagambs Rs 1.00

@trakin Rs. 1.00

@thinkerwrites Rs 1.00

@unitechy Rs0.50

@virajj Rs3.00

@v_shakthi Rs 1.00

@wlsuch 1.00

@yashesh 1.00

TOTAL Rs. 64.75/- per wish – And as @b50 announced 476 wishes!


Update Sunday October 18, 2009 10.30 am – Yesterday evening, @b50 the stockstar of twitter joined in this initiative, followed quickly by @rak35h and a lot of others, taking the tally to Rs. 15.50/- per wish. All of this is going to Goonj, a unique charity organization. This has already been informed to Anshu the founder of Goonj.

The contributors for those who are curious:

@Anaggh Rs0.25
@Atulkarmarkar Rs2.50
@b50 Rs1.00
@hp_livelife Rs2.00
@iamshishir Rs2.00
@Nichetechie Rs1.00
@prolificd Rs1.25
@Rak35h Rs1.00
@Shayonpal Rs3.00
@sizzler_chetan Rs0.50
@Sudhiru Rs1.00

TOTAL Rs15.50

Besides this @deepxp who celebrated his birthday a couple of days back, @cruisemaniac playing the Murali from Bangalore & @farrhad our own youngest have decided to add to the kitty to the tune of couple of thousand tomorrow. So people Keep #deepwish & rockon


This is something that was started by my daughter nearly 6-7 years ago, when she gave up crackers, instead using the money saved to buy something relevant & even share with others.

On & off over the years, we as a family have done sharing with less fortunate, however in spite of everything, I have been an excessive Text user during the festive season.

Unfortunate, it is difficult to change people, it is easier to change oneself, so this year I have decided to put my Money where my mouth is. With the support of my wife & daughter I have decided to contribute the following amounts to my wife’s favorite charity “Educating the Girl Child”:

Gift received                                            Rs. 100/- per gift

Blog Comments/Calls                            Rs.   5/-  per comment

SMS Wishes                                                  0.50/- per text

Wishes on FB/Twitter/Email              0.25/- for every wish (Not Spammers:))

This is for the dates between 15 – 19th October 2009. And YES I shall post the details, keep updating them.

I know that the amounts may not be too large, BUT one has to begin somewhere. And I seek your support, please prove the power of Social Media, Networking & Relationship.

Written by AD
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