This has been a major irritant to me for the past 10 years or more, particularly since when the so called automation has taken place.

Earlier the complaint had been bad handwriting, carbon paper amongst other things, but everyone thought computers would change it.

However, invoices started looking nice, since they were printed on Thermo Sensitive Paper (Fax paper to the uninitiated) which over a period faded. The terms & conditions said you needed to carry the Receipt for exchange!

So, there you have a classic scenario created by the Indians, for the Indians!

Slowly things started improving, with new printing, plain paper being used, but the percentage was still less.

In the meantime, smaller outlets like restaurants, gas stations started automating & here is where the actual trouble started.

Assume you are a businessman who uses a car & travels frequently, so you have fuel, restaurant bills that have to be claimed, accounted for, audited – the whole nine yards!

So when you submit it at year end for books writing, CHAOS, nothing is visible. Whilst there is hope that things would change, I do not forsee this happening in the next couple of years.

So what I normally do is write the name, date, amount on the back or front of the invoice/receipt & works very well for me. Try it!

Written by AD
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