Let’s eat here!

Shop No 13, Greenville, Oshiwara, Lokhandwala, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400 053

A fast food started by Mr. Jasmeet Tibbs son of the original owner, yet to officially open on Monday 3, 2009.

Passing by on our way to check out if we could get some Chaat at our old Bhaiyya, my wife suddenly saw this board & reading Sandwiches her eyes lighted up (a glutton who has to try even the worst sandwiches once at least).

Parking the car, we made our way to the bright eatery which just had 3 people sitting outside on the table, but lots of people inside.

Whilst my wife was speaking to a young lady outside, I made my way inside to take a couple of photographs. Immediately Mr. Tibbs came inside to find out, what I would be interested in tasting.

We ordered a veg grilled sandwich, a egg & veg frankie & one of their signature fries with the mustard sauce.

Waiting for it, Mr. Tibbs again personally came up & said, we are still testing it out, hence the sandwich will not be recommended, however he insisted that I share his chicken brown bread sandwich and a piece of the barbeque chicken which I happily agreed to.

Chicken Brown Bread Sandwich – Good, the bread could have been better, but the stuffing was amazing, spread completely, with just the tinge of spice which exploded with every mouthful. No sauces required = very good:)

Hot & Spicy Fries – Amazing packed in a takeaway with mayo+mustard tangy dip. Fries & dip were excellent, though the Salt could have been a bit less, which I am sure would come with practice in a day or so.

Barbeque Chicken (Tandoori chicken) – Amazingly, tingling good. The right amount of spices, just the tinge of black, hot & superbly grilled.

Veg Frankie – Nothing really to be said after their millions of frankies have been sold.

Over all a super experience, definitely a visit & must of home order.

The packing, ingredients & price are complete Value for Money.

By the Way, do not rush because they open for business only from Monday 3rd November 2009.

We were the lucky tasters:)