Lately on twitter I have experienced spam follows – who use a variety of apps to follow/unfollow to improve numbers, grade & supposedly climb the social media ladder!

To add this sabzi mandi (confusion) there are those mavens, gurus, experts who discuss Social Media Gyan with links, analysis, articles which are repeatedly RT (re tweeted), most of the times without being read, understood in the Indian context.

Any decision on twitter is fraught with SWOT issues, which one would not really need to think whilst taking a JV (joint venture) or business decision.

I intend making some changes in my following list basically at my convenience. It is nothing personal & hidden. I have learnt it the hard way in the past couple of months that People do not like being unfollowed; there is some unsaid rule on Twitter that says following must work both ways etc.

I believe that Life is serious! Reading about it in news, watching it on TV, hearing it being discussed in office is already an information overload for me. I just need less people just talking about serious, political, news, cricket on twitter.

Some other basics of my personal policy/philosophy:

I may follow you if you talk to me, have interesting updates, participate in conversation, are helpful.

I will not/discontinue follow if, you are tweeting only RSS feed of your blog or just RT & links of foreign gurus who have no clue of Indian Social Media. I shall not follow anyone who does not have DP or has a blank bio. Neither shall I follow those stupid trending #hashtags.

I am not looking for everyone to agree with me, to endorse my ideology, work, thoughts but intelligent dissent is always welcome.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends