I have been a Samsung user for the past 8-9 years. AC; Fridge;  TV and have always loved their VFM & superior customer service.

In the recent past, not really recent, but in February 2009 changed the TV. Last month watching DVD the screen suddenly went blank.

A call was made to the hotline & pronto the next day 12 noon technician turned up to inspect, made a couple of calls & said that we would need to replace the panel. With my heart in my mouth, I asked the cost & was told “Sir, it is in the warranty period so no cost but please have a copy of  the bill ready & we shall come tomorrow”.

The next day a call was received at 4 pm & question asked ” Is it OK if we come at 7pm or do you want us to come the next day morning”

They came in the evening, changed it, collected a copy of the bill & went. All of this was always followed up by a courtesy call/sms to confirm action taken.

In my books, it wins hands down! They have a lifelong customer in me.

Written by AD
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