The last couple of weeks have been really tough in terms of bringing Projects up to speed. There has been a constant back and forth where my expectations and deliveries were a complete mismatch. A couple of colleagues kept asking, ” How do you make Project work” especially when I kept pushing the 90 day turn around. And this is what I shared with them.

Build your team (existing or new)

List all the people who are part of the project team
Factor all the skills that are required
Talk to each member about his/her skill set
Match people to the skills & tasks required

Once this is ready, it is important to list down:

Steps to schedule Management

1) Know which deadlines are sacrosanct (hard and fast) and which have some flexibility
2) No task should last longer than 4-6 weeks
3) Don’t schedule more detail than you can yourself oversee
4) Develop schedules according to what is logistically possible
5) Record all time segments in the same increments such as in days or weeks
6) Have some flexibility in project schedule for handling problems that might occur later

Believe me this works wonders for execution. If you feel something more can be added, please comment & I will update the post.

Written by AD
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