I have been using E75 from the day it was launched & found it pretty neat & nifty. But the slide out Qwerty was a bit of a pain if long mails, messages had to be typed. Also the speakerphone & camera were not up to the mark – maybe I did not know how to use them. And the metal on the side was attached, so with a couple of falls, came out.

I was toying around with Black Berry Bold or the iPhone but somehow or the other was not completely convinced, in spite of having used both in the past.

And then, I saw the photos & review of E72 decided that I need to get this phone. With launch dates fluctuating etc. I made alternate arrangements & picked up the phone in the new Earth Brown color yesterday at 8.15pm in the evening.

By 8.45 pm the contacts, calendar, notes, messages, bookmarks were transferred; emails configured; latest version of gravity downloaded & my first tweet sent.

Within the next 14 hours, checked out the entire phone & am ready to share my views:

Setup is a complete breeze whether you use the wizard or do it yourself. Found the email options in setup better than earlier models. The setup takes a bit of time but once done, you are ready to go. There are options of connectivity in terms of want to check periodically (saves on battery) or keep it on.

The navi scroll takes a bit getting used to but is good & faster. In all there are 6 application shortcuts & 2 buttons that you can configure besides 4 which are fixed.

Getting used to the Qwerty feels a bit cramped after E75 but one gets used to it fast enough. The short cut to blue tooth, web, profile works fine & the browsing is better than E75.

The camera at 5 mp is a definite improvement but would know once I take more pictures.

A better quality of cover, longer USB cable (wonder if the south west Olive cost control was applied) could have been a value add on this business phone according to me.

Will update as I use it more & find other good things or kinks.