2009 ended with a healthy me, however continuity, consistency, constancy are the key & decided to continue it whole heartedly. Made some points that I would update once a quarter, so here goes:

1) Start a health file
January – Completed & decided that would opt for Bi annual checkup beginning this year.

2) Enhance Health Insurance
January – Evaluated & decided to enhance when it comes up for renewal in April, though luckily have not had to make use of it.

3) Have yogurt daily
January – Am a bit of lactose intolerant, however have begun trying it out at least 2-3 days a week.

4) Maintain a food diary
January – This is happening post the discipline my doctor enforced from November & hope to continue it.

5) Snack more
January – This is happening, quantity is going down, whilst number of times has come up to nearly 4-5 which is a good sign.

6) Get a new haircut
January – Quite a good idea, however let’s see how things go

7) Drink 2 litres of water a day
January – Am practically there, if not everyday, at least 5-6 days a week. The target being 3 litres a day by 31st march.

8) Exercise for 30 Minutes 5 days a week
January – For the past month, have just found excuses, however am convinced that cannot avoid/delay it any longer.

9) Cut 100 Burn 100 calories
January – Cut is happening, Burn is where the problem lies.

10) Junk old Stuff
January – Thanks to the weight loss, the wardrobe is looking spacious, plan to do that to the other storage place also.

11) Add olive oil to kitchen cabinet
January – Done & at least 50% of the cooking is in olive oil.

12) Spend 15 minutes unwinding after work
January – A practice that is happening, but at a slower pace then would have wished for.

13) Spend more “ME TIME”
January – At least one day in the weekend, this seems to be the case.

14) Master a new skill
January – This requires thought.

15) Count to 5 before reacting
January – Once upon a time it was 10 & now it is 5, guess am improving:)

16) Avoid brooding over losses
January – The most difficult to do & probably needs the most priority.