After losing 8-10 kg and gaining 2-3 kg, I finally decided to take stock and was mentally ready to meet Dr. Sarita Davare who had been extremely successful with my wife. Seeking her appointment was a herculean task itself, but thankfully my wife was upto the task and we managed to meet her in October.

The doctor was pretty gungho, however she wanted a complete commitment from me and hence gave me another 3 weeks before the plan began.

I began in the first week of November – 5 week plan – that was rigorous to say the least, with of course Saturday & Sunday to look forward to.

Between the period of November to May, I completed 3 sessions with breaks of 4-5 weeks each to allow the body to get used to. Overall the 1st session was extremely rewarding, followed by a good and the 3rd led to some amount of cheating, there by not much loss.

However, overall I lost approx 22kg (coming down from 154 – 140) which was a personal best for me. This could have been much more – nearly 30+ kg if I had

1) Walked 6 km a day for at least 5 days a week.
2) Not cheated in the 3rd session

But, now the maintenance part was going to be extremely difficult.