I do not know about many others, but this is a constant fight which eats away into my time continuously.

Identifying, Recruiting, Training, Retaining seems to be a constant fight, more so when you realize that there is an ever decreasing pool of talent available on a particular day, week.

And why is that? Mostly because the curriculum laid down by the HR ministry and taught through the degree & professional colleges are not in tune with the corporate requirement that keeps evolving with the changing business and environmental needs.

So by the time, someone graduates, they are already out of sync except probably in the consulting, finance etc. where theory would be consistent.

That really brings me to the main question:

Why can’t corporate help bridge the gap between skills & expectations.

Job are disappearing globally but less so in India at this point in time. However the real concern that with 15 million youngsters hitting the job market every year any prolonged slow down in job creation is bound to result in social discord which some faced and was visible over the past couple of years.

Whilst not an expert, personally I see no reason why transformation of professional education for the services industry BPO-KPO, hospitality, health care, retail, media & entertainment should not be feasible

Industry should constantly come forward with internship opportunities, projects, whilst colleges & universities should insist on at least 30% of practical work experience.

Skill gaps not huge, and corrective action today will build base for improvement in employability in years to come, which would be of great use to the young generation as well as cut down the learning curve for Industries as well.

But, unfortunately except some of the Indian MNC’s who have initiated this, nobody really wants to invest time, effort and money in this.

Written by AD
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