A place that had been hearing a lot about from friends; but was always avoiding thanks to not being really a music lover, so to say.

Finally Dharmesh a permanent forced me to land up one day a couple of months ago.

Landed up, paid the cover charge and went in, to be hit by a blast of air conditioning and music.

Had a couple of beers, an old fashioned & some french fries & left by 9 pm.

The next time around went when some football match was playing, tried it again.

Skipped the beer, since had like the old fashioned earlier, went straight for it accompanied by some mini burgers and assorted platter of veggie stuff.

Tried their Mojito also, which was good and so now can really conclude:

They make some of the best cocktails in town, finger food is good, whilst may not really be a place to try out for dinner; music & sound is good.

Will definitely recommend and visit again for an old fashioned:)

Mathuradas Mills Compound,
Opposite Kamala Mills Compound,
Entrance from Tulsi Pipe Road,
Lower Parel, Mumbai
Tel : 61586158, 65251716, 4033230