After a rush Indigo flight to Ahmedabad which was on time (as usual) checked in to the hotel before hunger pangs bit me.

The two options immediately were Mcdonald (which I am not too enamored with) and Papa John a chain rival to Pizza hut that I have tried in the past in Bombay Baroda with fond memories.

Off we went, nice cheery place with precisely a couple sitting.

The service was quick, with Mustafa introducing himself and providing an explanation of ‘Chaat’ pizza – fresh dough, topped with capsicum, onions, cubes of potatoes, garnished with coriander, a bit tangy to taste.

Normally I would not dream of ordering this, but N prevailed and we ordered the smallest size along with a side portion of Garlic parmesan sticks.

The sticks came first, trying it out and they had to be stretched, chewed more times then I normally prefer.

Whilst thinking as to how some body managed to crucify a dish claimed to be special.

And the chaat pizza arrived – 4 pieces topped with 6 cubes of potatoes and smattering of onions capsicum with cheese of course. Though it was not tangy as promised, it was fresh and nice.

It was cleaned in double quick time, whilst the sticks were a laborious job.

Mustafa came up to enquire about the pizza, upon bringing to his notice the sticks, he provided the excuse that, whilst it is made from the same dough as the pizza, it can never be spongy.

The nett result observation – lack of business at that particular time, reheated sticks, with chaat pizza of no particular taste, vintage has ensured that another visit here is out of the question.