After passing by the store number of times, I decided to finally check it out.

Walked in around 8 pm on a rainy Thursday and was attended by a friendly staff who shared some taste and knowledge freely with me.

Tasted bite sized Chocobons etc found them extremely succulent, sinful and can give an instant sugar high.Decided to go ahead with the most popular (by way of requirement) Chocobon which was actually a bribe for my colleagues at work the next day.

They come in a box of 4 (unfortunately only one flavor) or a box of 9 (three flavors).

Also picked up a packet of Cinnabon stix 8pc which were kind of bread twisty with sugar coating.

All in all a worth adversary to Mad over Donuts though not as much variety.

Address: Cinnabon, Shop No. 1; Sagarika Hsg Society, Opp. Ramada, Juhu, Tel: 66716789/66716784