Dabaang touted as this year’s biggest release seems well on it’s way to be exactly that as I write this.

Before I get down to the movie bit, some consumer facts to support the hit theory. Even during 3 Idiots the front 2 rows in an multiplex – Cinemax Versova – were empty, whilst they were completely full yesterday. The samosas were sold out, with age group of 5-65 watching the movie.

As for the movie, this takes me back to the Amitabh heydays when his movies used to create a craze like this.

It’s Sallu through and through, far better than Wanted. Vinod Khanna, Dimple, Arbaaz, Anupam could have been played by anyone else.

Sonakshi had less scenes than Vinod/Arbaaz but can be proud that she was a part of the solo hit of the year. Sonu was OK with the chance of being better soon.

Munni aka Malaika was just so so – the song rocked, whilst she did not. The song needed some one more earthy and voluptuous to carry it off.

Give me a Dabaang anyday compared to your 3Idiots or KKKG.

But the way to see this movie would be in a single screen, with whistles and people dancing in the aisles.

I wish to do so, my friends and family is mortified, worried about reputation, so who is ready to come with me.