A working day, but my wife surprised me by taking me out for dinner, something that must have happened after ages.

She offered me an option between Mainland China (which we have been to earlier – together/individually) and Caravan Sarai that she’s never been to.

Opting for the latter we reached there quickly, found it sparsely occupied, but nicely chilled and good ambiance.

Ordering a drink each, perusing the menu decided to try Subz kabab (tandoor) and Kokri kabab ( shallow fried). Both tasted lovely accompanied with some nice mint chutney.

Moved on directly to the main course – Veg kolhapuri – nice, spicy but more capsicum and carrots then I normally prefer Dum aloo punjabi – which was pretty good, with thick gravy and just the right consistency.

We decided to try the phudina paratha – excellent; laccha paratha – good; roomali roti (wrapped in silver foil) – cold and have definitely tasted much better.

The chilled veg raita went well with the food, as did the tokri of complimentary papads.

Just as we were finishing, the restaurant started filling up and a large group came next to us, upon which the service went completely downhill, with the waiters too busy to take our dessert order or get the bill.

Finally in exasperation, we got up and paid at the door.

Overall food was worth a visit, however a TV spoils the ambiance and the staff is busy looking at it.