I have seen the work going on at this small eatery over the past couple of weeks and had been wanting to try it out, as soon as it opened, more from the perspective of having a breakfast option around my area.

Yesterday, whilst going to drop off Sumir aka greekbaba to catch his train, after a late saturday night that had left us hungry, saw that Eggsunday was open for business.

We walked into the bright 20 seater eatery with the hope of some quick sustenance.

They have an extensive 3 fold pyramid menu, offering a variety of items, obviously made of eggs.

Whilst the chicken egg combination were not available as well as the rolls; Greekbaba opted for Sunny side up; N decided to try out hash browns french fries. I was not too keen but reading ‘Akuri with Brun’ on the menu decided to go for it.

Sunny side up came quickly, but was pronounced Runny by Greekbaba, whilst the hash brown fries passed muster.

After a while the Akuri arrived; one look at the offering and I was shattered, it resembled a ‘bhurji’ with only tomatoes and simple brown laadi pav!

When questioned, I was informed by the young lad, that this was brun?

Whilst I was trying to console my grieving heart and eat the bhurji, nay I refuse to call it Akoori, N ordered espresso, which also was unavailable.

We quietly asked for the bill and were walking out, when their consultant who apparently was watching us, asked for feedback.

Whilst giving it to him, I also enquired with him ‘Why would you allow it to open if you are not ready?’ Just a shrug and sir please try it after a week.

Overall, it has a lot going for it, but needs to get it’s act together quickly. As is my habit, I shall visit it two more times before I write it off completely.

Add: Meera Apartments, Oshiwara, Mumbai
Tel: 26319228