A couple of weeks ago, a colleague dropped in for a chat over coffee.

Whilst discussing, he mentioned that they were thinking of getting into the publishing business and in this regard, he had read a novel, that he found exciting and would like my view.

Promptly the book was sent, which I dutifully carried with me and left it in the pile of unread books on my bedside table.

Cleaning the sides as part of my virtuous diwali spring cleaning, decided to riffle through the book.

Once upon a time, I was a voracious fiction reader, finishing a Ludlum on a Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai flight and probably remember the plot even today:)

Five pages into the book my suspicions arose; flipped through more pages and the end.

My suspicions were right – ‘Society’ by Mehernosh Kapadia is a straight lift – probably page by page – from ‘The color of law’ by Mark Gimenez with the names and locations changed, a book coincidentally read by me only a month ago.

Why, when, what and other questions are probably best addressed by both authors.