I had earlier written about Samsung customer service here having been completely satisfied.

In the past fortnight I have had an opportunity to review the same service. Having bought the TV and succeeded in getting the panel changed here, however exactly a year later, the same panel went off.

On calling the service engineer, who definitely came promptly and informed me that the warranty was over and hence the panel would cost me 25000+. On debate with the customer service, that it was exactly 2 days from the warranty date and more important, how can the same TV have panel problems thrice in a spate of 18 months, there was no answer besides the routine “Sir, sorry we cannot help, you will have to pay for the panel”

Working in a retail business, I appreciate the stance of warranty dates, the fact that the panel problem is persistent, the TV is at fault and hence an explanation is required, which in spite of a fortnight having passed is not forthcoming.

So, in all likelihood, I am left with either having to pay them (but to what warranty?) or dump the TV and buy a new one.

I wonder if other brands are the same?

Written by AD
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