On the 7th of November, someone made a purchase of Rs. 12000/- + via ngpay on my wife’s credit card, which we came to know only on the 11th November.

My first reaction was to call the bank, block the card so that further damages could be avoided. Post that late in the night I tweeted about the problem, which got RT a couple of times and people referred it to @ngpay.

Surprisingly, the first thing next morning I got a call from Siddharth from Ngpay, who took down the details and explained what had happened and asked me to raise a dispute with the issuing bank who would sort it out, however in case I was interested in knowing the details of the person who had used it, then they would require a FIR (first information report) filed and a copy sent to them.

An impressive use of twitter and more importantly responding to the customer, which means as a brand they are listening.

If I ever decide to start buying through the mobile portal, I would sure give them a shot.

Written by AD
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