Updated post on 20th November 2010 at the end.

I had been meaning to gift my wife a dish washer for our anniversary that is in November and she had narrowed it down to IFB brand.

Whilst checking out their retail outlets, we happened to check out the website, which was supposedly e commerce enabled, with an offering of a deal too, hence on the 3rd November decided to order from there, and my travails began.

Every time I managed to reach the payment gateway and it hung. After trying the entire day, called up their customer service, who gave me another Kolkatta number, which kept on ringing for a couple of hours, before actually being picked up on the 10th try. The person sounded as if “Why the hell do you want to disturb my sleep, after macher jhol”; promptly said “Oh this is website, I shall get someone to call you up in the next 5 minutes”

Finally after a couple of hours, tried again, did not get through so left a complaint on the website.

Sometime on 8th or 9th afternoon, they called up my wife and asked “Do you want assistance”

I wonder what kind of a service would they actually provide, however it is difficult to convince my wife to opt for some other dish washer, so the fight still goes on, though I have no clue when, if at all they would assist or deliver.

29/11 – Even after writing in their contact, feedback, president’s page, they are yet to revert in any kind whatsoever. Guess they believe that once the customer has bought, then he has no option, so why bother.

Written by AD
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