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I have written about my need to purchase an IFB dish washer here which ended on the 5th November.

During the Divali holidays, my wife surfing realized that there was an offer for the same IFB machine on with an added benefit of some freebie and so after the discussion “Indiatimes does not have a good reputation of service delivery etc. etc.” Her response being, “I send small gifts to the US and they are able to manage”, being left with no option booked the product on 7th November and then we went out.

A couple of days later, my wife logged in to be shocked, since Indiatimes had canceled the order, reason “We were unable to verify”.

I tweeted about this and @baxiabhishek said @anaggh You might want to point that out to @urbaneye. I did so and got a reply asking me to email to him, which I did so.

He helped out by asking a colleague, who probably looked after operations to revert to me. In the meantime, I had updated the profile details with residence & mobile number and booked the product again.

To my shock, the same cancellation, same answer and then the trouble started, with Mr. Jaspreet Babrah responding that the numbers are not visible to them (in spite of screen shots sent at different times); Dual verification for safety (right, but not communicated anywhere on the site and when the CEO of the company flags a complaint, does not make a difference, all are equal).

In despair, I sent a mail, tweeted, procured @urbaneye mobile number and called him yesterday afternoon, who again promised that he would get someone to look into this and revert. It’s been 24 hours and there has been no response or assistance.

I guess they have enough suckers to worry about someone like me. What would you do in a scenario like this?

23/11 Mr. Jaspreet called me a couple of days back, meanwhile my wife had booked it again. But post that no call, in spite of his repeatedly assuring me that he would be in constant touch.

The machine was delivered and installation took place, though there are still issues in terms of the freebie adjusted, needs to be adjusted.

29/11 Whilst the issue is still being sorted out, the experience provided by both India times & IFB is something that I would never recommend. It is my opinion that the exclusivity means the customer can bugger off.

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