I am not a Jet lover or traveler, however business exigencies forced me to travel last week on Jet to Aurangabad (being the only morning flight)

The entire previous day, web checkin was not working, though finally managed at around 1 am in the morning for the 6 am flight.

Reached the airport, felt like trying to enter Virar local, except there was scented BO, given the fact that there was a line, right till outside of everyone wanting to enter the airport.

Inside was no better, some 5-6 jet staffers waving their hands, walkie talkies like gymnasts or traffic constable at Dahisar check post.

On the web check in it had said, that I could go straight to counter 63 which incidentally was empty. Then began a tug and war with one of the staff bent on pushing me to some other counter. Finally managed to check in and with 1 hour left was being pushed to the security and gate.

Once boarded, found that all the overhead bins were occupied, not that I needed them, but still. The seat was a nightmare come true – reminded me of ‘Baby’ the tuk tuk of Bangladesh where you actually end up with your face between your legs, trying to breathe and live.

They seem to have cut corners on seats – squeezing in a couple of additional rows; followed by seat belts – or else why would they announce extension belts availability?

In this 45 minute flight they also tried to fit in sale of juice, breakfast, snacks – which meant that people occupying the aisle seat had to watch their elbows.

On landing, the luggage took it’s own time, in spite of that being the only flight at that time of the morning. So some rules to fly Jet Konnect:

1) Do not carry hand baggage, if you do rush to your seat the moment gates are opened.
2) Opt for aisle seat only if you are short, thin or can squeeze in the seat.
3) Carry your own extension seat belt in case there are more than 4-5 people that require it.
4) Learn to become a contortionist in case you forget to keep money in your top pocket, in case you want to buy.

Hopefully, they will learn that you cannot have the same attitude as a full service airline!

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends