Having to travel for a couple of hours to Goa *sigh* opted for my preferred airline, where everything went perfectly, so much so, landed 15 minutes early and was left to do nothing for the next couple of hours.

On spur of the moment decided to have breakfast in Fidalgo, which I had not visited in a decade.

I saw a small cafe just off the lobby and sat there, guided in no small measure by the fresh bakery smell.

After perusing the menu, the waiter; quite knowledgeable – recommended I try the fresh chicken sandwich, which I ordered along with some cold coffee.

It took some 15 odd minutes to be brought, but arrive it did – nice thick slice on which bits of chicken pieces with mayo were spread and then covered with another thick slice.

The first bite took me to heaven, the bread soft, whilst the filling was chilled to perfection.

The cold coffee was superb – nothing that CCD, Barista could match.

Both were demolished in short order and were enough to sustain me till evening!