I normally do not like to order pizzas from Pizza hut as home delivery, however the family has always ordered and last Friday, the urge to order in after an exhausting day was extremely strong.

So I was designated as the order giver, with specific instructions. Called up Pizza Hut.

PH: Thank you for calling…………
ME: Hello, my number is 26xxxxxx and I would like to place an order please.
PH: Sorry sir our systems are down, may I have your address please.
ME: Can you please take my order
PH: Sorry sir, our systems are down, may I have your address
ME: Sure, but can you first take my order
PH: May I have your address
ME: Of course, I’ll provide that since you would need to deliver, however take my order down.
PH: Your address
ME: (Sternly raising my voice) Young man, Please take the order and then ask for the address.
PH: OK, as you wish
ME: ABC pizza; xyz bread; what is the offer of the day etc…..& I have xxx coupon
PH: Ok sir, your address please
ME: *deeply sighing* 111, abcde, mmnop, opp. aaa,
PH: Sorry sir, our system shows that this address is in Goregaon on the link road.
ME: That must be the same building name, but I do not stay there
PH: No Sir, your address in our system is there only.
ME: (Beginning to lose my cool) Young man, on one hand your system is not working, so that you cannot accept my telephone number; on the other hand, when I am providing my address, you say it is listed in another suburb altogether.
Can I speak to your superior.
PH: Yes Sir, but can I have your correct address.

I disconnected and ordered from my neighborhood shetty – delivery time – 15 minutes.

And this is where the story ends, MNC, high expectations, let down and by the by did not even bother to call back, but I guess ‘Why bother with a person, who is not a regular, does not know his address?’ How about you? Have you had a similar experience? Do share it.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends