There was a large gap in my plan and posts, thanks to Dr. Davare’s clinic being renovated and my wanting to see how I could maintain myself.

I was fairly successful in maintaining myself, with just and increase of 2kg till November 2010, when our Anniversary, birthday and generally party season began.

My Gym membership had lapsed and like everyone else thought that, I was fit enough not to renew it again. And then 31st December, party clothes refused to fit me. “Wake up” said my wife – who incidentally with all the parties and eating nay hogging had not put on a single kilo.

January 2011 began, called up Dr. Davare who finally agreed to give a date in February with the reason that – more relevant people were also waiting.

Whilst waiting for the date, renewed the gym membership, but in the intervening period – Jan 1, 2011 – Feb 15, 2011 fell prey to the recurring ligament & tendon problem, followed by the AV fistula problem that is persistent since birth.

Antibiotics, laid down, not even the brief walk piled on the kilos, leading to being depressed, thereby eating more, feeling guilty but still not worried.

This meant that when I weighed in for my Plan, I was practically back to my original weight of 156kg. I was sent back with a warning to lose 4-5 kg by flushing out toxins and to discontinue the antibiotics.