Whilst waiting to commence reduction, read a tweet from Asfaq that he had lost some 8-10 kg….when according to me he had nothing to lose. Soon enough the great Bombay Addict aka B50 got on the band wagon as also a lot of others who said that all of us need to support each other in changing our lifestyle.

B50 proposed a scheme whereby people could sponsor those trying to lose weight and the number of kilos lost by February 2012 would be multiplied at the rate of Rs. 10/- kg and given to charity. You can read more about it here. So, as we say, Read up, join up, Sponsor up or at least damn RT it and spread the word.

Soon enough, more people joined, making it difficult to keep tabs at which point Bombay Addict decided to make it a movement and hence Bigloser came into being with its own website

This is where it now begins… I lost 6 kg in 18 days (more cleansing of antibiotics etc rather than anything else) and would begin my plan on the 14th March 2011