I have been hearing about this for a long time and had been wanting to give it a try, but BKC is not a place that I need to visit regularly.

However an opportunity arose last week. After enjoying Jagjit Singh mehfil in MMRDA decided to try out CPK (as California Pizza Kitchen is more popularly known).

Though located at the corner, signage is a problem, so much so that had to tweet/send BBM to get direction and finally reach there, passing thru security (maybe carrying pizza hut menu?).

Walking in, the first thing hit me was – Noise – sounded like a matunga shetty joint or definitely a McD. Being led to our table realized the noise level was due to yuppie parties going on – all youngsters with a candian-ireland-USA-gujju/panju/tamil (take your pick) accent.

Settled down, the water (after the usual mineral or regular) was quick. And then the patience was tested……

The servers floated around, not meeting eyes, gathered near the side table, rushed everywhere like wanting to catch the virar fast at 6.04 pm. Politely, said excuse me a couple of times (No response, maybe my accent less English could not be understood). On the verge of giving up, when my wife called in a stern tone (similar to when she uses with me, when I screw up) and boom, service began.

We ordered a Fresh Lime Soda (no liquor because that would take time) which was not too fizzy, Margherita Pizza (my test at every pizza place – because if they cannot make that then they should not be in business. This barely passed muster); Spaghetti in garlic sauce (nice, with actually taste of garlic flowing thru, not too runny) and Sandwich Salad (Ok, sandwich was not too good, salad better, but could have done with better dressing). Since this took a lot of time & we had to reach home before midnight (daughter’s birthday) we carried a chocolate banana cake (very good, but still not something I would travel all the way for)

They have a service charge for the ‘Service’ too.

To sum it up – Nothing out of the ordinary, since the area does not have anything similar, so will do well. Does not seem vegetarian friendly. Personally would not go all the way, would prefer visiting pizza hut.

3 North Avenue, Maker Maxity,
Old Drive in Theatre
Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mumbai
Phone: 65588888, 65606560