I had first got hooked to Costa Coffee a couple of years ago and have staunchly defended it against a lot of friends, who asked me try out
Gloria Jeans, Coffee Beans, Barista etc. because the coffee was
consistently good, convenient, close to office, stores that I have to visit.

But an incident happened yesterday, that prompted me to write about it. Lucky Bhatt aka @bhatnaturally was in town from Bangalore and we had planned to meet up at Costa coffee in Phoenix. Whilst waiting for him with @b50 @shamikv we decided to have coffee. Asking them to hold a table, I went to place the order, wanting to prove a point to @b50 that Costa would serve good cold coffee without sugar.

Walking back to the table, saw a man pushing his chair from the table from the corner of my eye, as also an aluminium strip jutting out where Costa had used it to economize on the wooden flooring. It
snagged my trouser and baam I went down in a ugly fall; trying to save
the edge of table hitting my eye, put the entire pressure on my left
knee. Managed to get up, with people running up enquiring whether I
was hurt. @b50 raised his voice to one of the service boys, who just
beat the strip down and wandered off.

We sat finishing our coffee, trying to gather my wits and checking the swelling before leaving.

The issue here is not that I was hurt – maybe I was at fault, which
I was not; maybe the strip, floor was not maintained properly, which it should have been, given the fact the brand coffee charges; but the fact that the attitude of the staff – no one even bothered to look at what the commotion was, come up to enquire “whether I was hurt” offered a
cold compress – to act humanitarian, which one would expect from a brand like Costa.

When I tweeted about this, a couple of people said that they knew the
manager would I like to speak to him; whilst some said “sue them”.
If I were in the UK or USA, I would have done so, not for money but
for the attitude, however I definitely want to bring this to their CEO/President’s notice and see whether they have a semblance of customer service feedback mechanism at all.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends