I have been patronizing the Arrow brand since they launched, maybe in 1994. I used their bespoke collection, which was discontinued without even a communiqué to their so called Aristocracy club; they discontinued their big tall with the same attitude; cloth became
thinner, buttons cheaper, different, I still hung on. They always had ‘low or no stocks’ of size 48” citing variety of reasons.

A couple of years ago, some problem about the product, had made me
write to them, with their Area Manager responding and trying to sort out problems, not completely, but at least it happened.

A year ago, their Bandra store called up saying please pick up shirts
of your size, since the sale would commence soon. I went over and
picked up some 20+ shirts, tried out all of them, some were baggy or length was incorrect, till finally I was left with 12+ shirts, in which 2 favorite colours – blue, pink grey were extremely baggy, the store manager promised to alter and asked me to pick up the
next day.

Promptly they called up off I went, pleased with the customer
service approach of the brand. And the nightmare began – they had changed the size by cutting the sides making the shirts useless. Again
the apologies flowed and promises made.

Like clockwork I would call up every 15-20 days to enquire if my replacement shirts had come, 2-3-6 months passed, till I had finally given up, when one fine day I received a mailer and wrote to the email id. No response, however the
store called saying they had received one pink shirt and I could pick
it up.

I rushed to the store took the shirt and also another colour just so
that my account could be closed, besides this two half sleeve shirts
also were made available. Fool that I am did not try out the shirts.

Two weeks later, today morning, rushing for a meeting carried the pink shirt to wear it under the jacket. Mid-morning changing into the shirt realized with a horror that the sleeves were so tight that I resembled a south Indian heroine.

This time I intend to take it up with their top brass. I know they
would just apologize, say QC was at fault etc. etc. but not give a
damn, because there is a sucker born every minute who would pay that horrendous amount just because it is a brand.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends