A month ago, my wife started acting a bit suspicious, but after supporting me for god knows how many years, I felt she deserved it.

One fine morning on the 18th June, she threw a bomb shell “I am buying a car and it will be delivered in a week – 10 days” Whoa! where did you get the money? Which car? Why now? all were thrown out of the window and I knew it was a losing battle for me.

My enthusiasm waned a bit when I heard ‘Indica’ not that the car was bad, in fact like it much better than the old esteem and have traveled quite a lot in it; but more from the service horrors that I had heard being related. But I felt extremely happy and proud of her, because this was her first car bought with her own savings, in her own name.

The auspicious date of 27th was communicated to Fortune Motors in Andheri (E) sales person Mayuresh, who came back with a problem of delivery issues. Since my wife was insistent that ‘the car had to be hassle free delivery’ she provided a date of 3rd July.

Silence reigned over the next 10 days, with no information being shared by the dealer whatsoever; she had to followup for letter of authority and some other documentation, with me egging her “This is the dealer’s job etc.”

1st July she called up Mayuresh to inquire, who responded that ‘Yes, everything was perfect and on schedule’ and I’ll revert with details tomorrow.

2nd July No calls, so she called the dealer ‘M’am Mayuresh is on leave’ so after a bit of stern talking one Arvind came on the line and said, ‘We are not aware of delivery’ but after being pushed and provided with specifics called back “M’am I’ve checked and your vehicle is on the delivery list for 3rd but please do not come in the morning, come after 2 pm and everything would be ready” This was agreed to in spite of having guests over in the afternoon…

Written by AD
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