I had blogged about Tata Motors Saga… the beginning here.

On the 3rd July, we were leaving around 12 noon, when Mayuresh from Fortune motors calls “M’am your car is not ready, I have been trying your number since morning, it may be ready by tomorrow or so, I will call and inform you” My wife could not speak at all, I took the phone and asked to speak to the manager, the phone went dead. We drove from Lokhandwala to Marol Andheri East which is 45 minutes away and there was no call back.

On reaching, I asked for the owner, luckily being a slow day, there were no barriers and we managed to meet him. Mr. Sanjay Chandra received us, listened to us, looked at the system and started apologizing, accepting his staff had goofed up on the following counts:

1) Giving false commitment
2) Invoice paid on 21st June but car not ordered.
3) Letter of authority not taken for fund transfer till the 29th of June
4) No documentation done for RTO registration till 29th of June
5) RTO person on leave, nobody else referred etc. etc.
6) Accessory approval delay

On his continuing the gyan “Tata Motors is known for its relationship building, customer focus and I representing them, believe in holding those values etc.” I told him, let’s close this chapter and give us the money back and we leave. I also told him that my wife had planned to take my parents to Valsad in the new car on Monday for a couple of days; to which he said “I will shell out 8-10000, get the registration done and reach it tomorrow morning by 11 am so that they can still go”

He sweet talked my wife, blaming his staff, taking onus etc. so that she finally agreed to accept the delivery the next day. When asked for my advice, I said that there is no way, any car dealer can be trusted, particularly when he’s taken all your money in advance. He kept insisting on coming to his showroom to pick up the vehicle, which I refused and demanded that he deliver it.

4th July – Sanjay Chandra calls twice, thrice with some gyan or other, finally at 7pm says he used somebody else etc. and RTO registration is done and the vehicle has been sent. The vehicle reached our residence at 9.45 pm. Whilst my wife & daughter were checking the car out, I asked for the documents, esp the RTO challan. I was handed over an invoice of Rs. 7000/- “Sir, has given 20% discount and you need to pay this” I saw red ‘What the hell? Your documentation, delivery is not complete and you have the audacity to ask for the money’ More so, when we were at your showroom, your boss was singing a different tune’ Sir, as company policy, we cannot give the vehicle without payment. I told him to bugger off with the car. He calls his boss, who says bring the car back.

That night was a nightmare come true. 15 minutes later Sanjay Chandra sends a text ” Dear Mrs Desai
I tried to deliver the car today after giving a discount of 20% on your accessories bill on the accessories ordered by You. I did it as a gesture of goodwill because of the one day delay in the delivery of your car. I thought it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately our thinking on the issue does not match. My request to talk to you or you husband was also declined. Awaiting your feedback” To this our response was “Mr. Chandra, Your man finally reached with the car at 9:45 pm. After a brief explanation, he handed over the bill which had a discount, which my husband queried and said would arrange for the payment to be made once the RC was clear. Your man insisted on the payment. Your obligation was for the vehicle, which you were willing to spend money for RC and delivery by 11 am today. In spite of my husband’s insistence, since you were apologetic, I agreed on the evening delivery which finally became night. Also without the RC book how do you expect the vehicle to be taken out of the city. Instead of the paltry so called obligation of 20% discount, it would have created goodwill if you had left the car and said to pay when the RC book is delivered. So the thinking is different, where we look at relationship and trust, in spite of all deficit at your end, you were unable to trust your prospective customer, with whom you spoke about a lasting relationship with just Rs. 7000/-”

This was responded by him “Dear Mrs. Desai, Unfortunately I was told something else – the issue of trust is not the question – secondly the RC/smart card takes 6 weeks approx and the two are not linked. I would like to discuss the issue with you tomorrow as per your convenience”

By this time, I had tried to locate Tata Motors customer service and complained, as well as tweeted asking for assistance.

Written by AD
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