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To continue the saga….

Twitter friends helped out with some email ID, to which I wrote and one Ashmita Pillay responded with having forwarded the complaint to customer service and asking for contact numbers, that I provided. Around 12:50 pm on 5th July one Ravi called up from Service, listened to my litany of issues and said he would get the Sales in charge to investigate.

In the meantime, our man Mr. Chandra calls up my wife and says ‘Your husband has complained to Tata Motors and I have replied to them’ what do you intend to do about the car.

After some time a Territory Manager of Tata Motors – Anniruddha – who ‘handles’ Fortune motors called up my wife and started the sales/relationship spiel ending with ‘I’ll have the car delivered today’.

Afternoon, became evening and with no call back from Ravi & party, called up Anniruddha on my wife’s insistence – no answer.

The day ended with no feedback other than just my BP rising at this probably process driven callousness of Tata Motors. I decided to share this with my rolodex and ask for help, which immediately came in terms of names and phone numbers.

6th July morning called up two references, shared the misery, who promised some action and lo Anniruddha called back – ‘Spiel begins again, with words like values, relationship etc. bandied around but with no answer to:

1) Why was the vehicle not dropped yesterday – Tuesday – if they were so concerned about the relationship?
2) What was the action taken?
3) The continued harassment and mental agony?
4) The response mechanism

Post this, his reassurance that he would deliver the vehicle, I say Now, he says ‘Let me call you back’ So after an hour he calls back and the tape starts again ‘ You will be paying Rs. 7000/- once the car is delivered’ I disconnect the phone.

After 15 minutes, my wife & me receive a stupid text from TD-TM “Your complaint 1-12964357713 is assigned to Fortune Mumbai. Please contact CRO at 67221111” The TATA process at work?

In the meantime, I have an off the record enlightening conversation with a gentleman at Tata corporate office. Evening comes and I send a mail to Mr. Prakash Telang MD and chairman’s office – both which bounce back.

I receive a call from my wife at 7pm that Anniruddha has brought the car, with documents but not all the keys, and a feedback form which has a checklist asking if balloons were received etc. Phew! During the conversation the damn Rs. 7000/- is again brought up and on being asked about the other problems till date, “M’aam HO is looking into the matter”

7th July I receive a mail, phone call asking if the car has been delivered, both having no answer to my question about the other aspects resolution.

Thanks to friends on twitter/network I was able to mount pressure – though not completely satisfactory – what would be the fate of someone who does not have access and network.

By the way at the time of writing this, I still await resolution and satisfaction

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