A couple of months ago, my wife went shopping (Ok, that’s nothing new but still) and found some formal shoes that she knew I was interested in at Aldo

Having normally done shopping for me over the years, she asked the person if they had the required shoe size, quoting other brand size, receiving a reply that Yes, they had, different numbers but the same size they reassured.

Bought, paid for and gifted to me, with instructions to try it out immediately. As a dutiful husband, did so and found it half size smaller than my regular size. She trooped back and was refused, with the reason that during offer, hence cannot be changed.

Some days later, visiting the same mall for the ‘Mango’ Sale, I decided to try my luck again. Spoke to the senior, explained the problem, was willing to pay the difference for a fresh pair or buy something else. I was informed that they would speak to the manager and call the next day without fail or I could call them up and then immediately return, since their Sale was being launched etc.

Waited a day and then have been calling, for the eternally elusive store manager. One pair still available.

Written by AD
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