A couple of months ago, I became the proud owner of Apple Mac Air, thanks to my wife. This decision was not easy to arrive at, but thanks to this Sidin chap who had bought one & corrupted my brain too. Then the argument of MS office was taken away by this Hardik chap and so agreed to be gifted with the Mac Air 11″ note book.

We went to the Apple store run by Reliance in Palladium and bought the same. Loved it, and became extremely possessive about it. The speed, key board et all. Showed it off whenever I could and all that jazz. Three weeks later, arrived for a Board meeting, switched it on and “Panic” stations – the screen was blank. Tried half dozen technical & non technical things before rushing across to the store.

The technician took a look at it and said ‘It’s not working’ No shit Sherlock, why else would I be here? Looks like the chip/micro is gone and we would need to replace. Right, please do since it is covered under Apple care. We would have to call for it from Bangalore and it would take 3-4 days and we’ll call you.

I called up after 3 days and was told that yes the part had come & we would fit it, then test it for 24 hours. My reaction was – Dell, Sony has never done this, what is this Apple, pineapple testing. Anyway, went the next day, where another story about the code nos to be updated and hence one more day would be taken. I blew my stack and asked him to hand over the laptop & then come to the office to update it. The response was ‘Apple’ does not allow us to do that etc. etc. the usual brand bull.

In frustration, called up a friend who head the entire vertical for Reliance, who inquired, as to why I did not tell him earlier and that I should hold tight. In less than 60 minutes the technician found the hard disk, came running to the office updated everything and left.

So, Apple, Pineapple, Sony all have the same service attitude – stinks. On this front the best is DELL. 5 years and still phenomenal on site service, always less than 24 hours.

Written by AD
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