Da Milano one of the fastest growing retail chain, giving a tough fight to Hidesign etc. etc. is someone who has received respectable business from me over the past year or so.

As a normal AD Policy, I do not give out my mobile number to any retailer, however they seem to have bought out the entire Airtel database and hence received an SMS from them on 11th June 2011 at 14:10 “First Time Ever!! Da Milano brings EXCHANGE OFFER. Get your ANY old bags, wallets and belts and get 20% off at Da Milano. Offer valid all across India”

Normally, this would be of no real interest to me. However, having recently lost weight and having to upgrade the wardrobe too, thought of giving away the old belts and replacing them during this offer.

Finally, managed to visit them on the 21st June 2011. Walked in, the young man greeted me politely asked me what I wanted and showed me some belts that I liked. Having selected two of them, pulled out the old belts and received a shock “Sir, this offer expired yesterday” But there is no date; Sorry, sir it has expired, your phone does not have the dates. Ok, so called the wife, who has a different phone than a BB…a great Apple iPhone 4 and showed him the same message without dates. Sorry, sir this phone also does not have the dates. Duh! then how can the offer expire?

No logic worked with him and he refused to speak and verify with anyone. Decided not to buy the belts and walked away with a heavy hear at the ‘customer friendly’ attitude. What would you have done?

Written by AD
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