Suhas & Deepa Awhcat trio of restaurants came to Lokhandwala, in their usual band baja style with a barrage of leaflets, that impressed the wife so much that she decided “We need to try this out” No amount of persuasion works (as I’ve learnt over the years to my detriment).

So one fine evening, off we went, to an evening of Yo Yo….. Valet was yawning away to glory, but ran up and collected the car, on entering the gate, were stopped as if terrorist were about to strike and asked ‘Do you have a reservation’ I said No, but are you really full? because one could see empty tables. One of their senior person walked up and asked “What’s your mobile number?” On being asked Why? the response was “In case you forget something here, we would need to call you” No thanks and we were whisked inside ‘downstairs or upstairs’ came next, with us opting for downstairs.

As we entered, the strains of a cat being strangled could be heard, till my musically challenged ears recognized it as a ‘Goan’ singing a hindi song, ballad style. Found ourselves a corner table, ordered a drink & panhe for the wife. So far, so good. The wife was really excited about the menu and food, but knowing how weird I could be, decided to order the basics – Kaju kothimbir vadi & sabudana vada. Both arrived promptly and were nice, fluffy with great taste and immediately gobbled down. The portions were perfect for 3 people and hence felt a bit full.

But I wanted to try something in non vegetarian, whilst N decided to try out pure maharashtrian Masale Bhat and I opted for ‘Chicken Malwani Sukha’. with an amboli & jowar bhakri.

The Masale bhat arrived but distinctly looked as if made by an north immigrant cook, so non maharashtrian was it. The first spoon and N gamely declared ‘It’s nice’. Chicken Malwani – the color – red, looking as if doused in sauce or tomatoes – made me forget the Malwan factor, tried the first bite and it tasted as if 6 years deep fridge chicken in a village near England where I had something similar in a Bangladeshi restaurant many moons ago.

Gamely, with the ballad singing champion ‘Pyaar to hona hi ta’ (Remo style) we finished as much as we could and asked for the bill, which was brought with a feedback form. Paid and took our leave. N was still optimistic of coming with our daughter to try out the sabu dana khichdi, but one look at my face and said, they would visit it when I was traveling.

Next day, a call from the restaurant asking why I had commented about the chicken and what was wrong with it. Overall, the food is the same like the shivaji park ones, the same ballad singer, with Awchat, Awchat & Awchat photographs looking down, sideways at you.