I have always been hearing about people winning contests, getting invited for tours, being sent King Fisher beer and would always be amused and wonder, Why not me? Till realization would hit, by my daughter & wife reminding me “You need to enter to win”.

Ah! Well, mera bhi din aayega and it happened. A fortnight ago, some tweet of mine attracted the attention of a couple of brands who decided to take pity on me and promptly asked me if I would be interested in  some chocolates and wine. Now I am not a wine drinker, nor a chocolate lover (my daughter adores chocolates by the way) but the non intrusive way it was asked, piqued my attention and in a moment agreed to try it out.

Promptly the next day I received an email from the agency handling the brand account, read here. Since, there was a party at home that day, I decided to see, if they would deliver AND yes they did deliver – Sula Champagne – 2 bottles; Sula Dindori – 1 bottle; Sula Chenin Blanc 1 bottle; Dia white wine – 1 bottle; and Cadbury bournville chocolate bars – Rich Cocoa – 2 bars, Hazel nut – 2 bars, Almond – 2 bars, Rasin – 1 bar.

The ladies and some of the gentleman at the party were amused at the delivery, but gamely decided to try out the combination. Some of the combination tried out during the evening:

Dia White with Hazelnut (nice); Dia white with Almond (good); Dia white with Rich cocoa (ok); Sula Chenin Blanc was best with Rich cocoa, whilst with the other two was ok; Sula dindori tasted nice with Rasin.

Besides this, some of the enterprising people decided to try out vodka & black label chilled shots with Rasin, Rich cocoa, almond and the unanimous verdict was that Rasin & rich cocoa tasted absolutely amazing with it.

It was a lovely experience from the perspective of a Brand interaction and getting feedback; however would I want to repeat the experience? May be difficult unless there are all wine lovers around.

Written by AD
ex waiter, angadia, travel agent, dotcomer, dukaandaar, marketeer, people watcher. appreciates single malt, food, friends