I had visited this more than a year ago for drinks and had liked it. We had been planning to go out for brunch and decided to try it out, as it came recommended by a couple of other friends. We made bookings for 12 by Saturday evening.

On reaching there Sunday afternoon, the place was crowded and the desk was puzzled with our reservations. The manager had no clue, whilst the waiter ‘Vikram’ tried to ask somebody to vacate/move so that our party could be accommodated. The reason given was that a lot of these tables were filled with “SnapDeal” offers.

By the time our party came, space was finally managed and we asked for some beers and soft drinks that came pretty quickly, however, post that everything just went downhill. The starters – cheese corn kebabs, crispy vegetables; chicken tikka, and open faced wontons were served just once, whilst chinese preparation of fish and bruschetta was repeated.

At 3 pm we were warned that the buffet would be taken off and asked to eat…..whilst some of the party went to the buffet table, there were just empty dishes – what with even the breads over, risotto giving out a dicey smell (explained away as being made in wine..duh!) and some rice with chicken being the only thing available. The vegetarians had to suffer thru and come back quietly.

There were no desserts left expect a piece of cheese cake and some mousse. Finally in desperation we asked if we could order Ala carte  which surprisingly was also limited – since they had run out of food – but they gave us  Chicken al Kiev which was reasonably nice, but could have been hot and plated properly.

Surprisingly, throughout the afternoon, the manager did not even bother to come, apologize (this even after the owner was called on the phone, incidentally he also had nothing to say).

AND they charged for the entire party for buffet charges. Disgusted with the attitude and place, we just paid and left. Guess, they need the wannabe pretend crowd more than real customers, but in which case why be desperate for the SnapDeal offer?