It was a Sunday, some weeks ago, a rare day when we decided to meet up with friends for some drinks and dinner.

Gathering at a friends place, after a couple of drinks, the usual questions of ‘What shall we order? Where shall be order from?’ arose and D said let’s try our China 1 but they don’t deliver, but since everyone was in agreement, somebody would go an pick it up.

However, I prevailed on everyone to go there and eat, especially since, I was trying it out for the first time and wanted to check out the ambience, service et all.

So we booked a table for 18 and were told that it would take some time. So, off we went. However when we reached there, Balaji films (Jeetu, Ekta & party) who were there for a small party had continued and hence there was no space.

But they rose to the occasion – asked us if we would be willing to sit outside which also had Air conditioning.

We began with Hot & soft corn cubes(nice and hot), five spiced american corn (kids loved this), crispy veg in schezwan (very different & good), crackling spinach (this was the surprise, not having liked it at other places), vegetarian dumplings in spicy sauce(did not taste this, but was advised that it was good), assorted dim sum (this according to me was the best I’ve tasted in Mumbai), chong fan vietnamese basa (beautiful, just the right mild spice and the taste will linger), shanghai chicken, mao tai chin chilli chicken, wok tossed pompfret in chilli oyster sauce, kung pao chicken, aromatic roasted chicken, assorted spring rolls followed with clay pot rice and hakka noodles.

Frankly, all the food was very good, backed up by immaculate service which made it a real pleasure. According to everyone else the desserts were excellent, though I had just the honey noodles with ice cream, again just the right taste.

A place I would heartily recommend as must visit, AND I need to go back for the buffet also next month.