I have been a frequent visitor to Bru World Cafe in Juhu since the time it started (probably the first day of its launch) and always loved it ambiance, filter coffee. In fact had commented on its Arabic tone of music and was pleasantly surprised to see it being replaced (I cannot take complete credit for it, though).

A fortnight back, en route home, received a call from my daughter to pick up something from the famous ‘Shiv Sagar’ in Juhu and my eyes lit up, because, it would give me a chance to sip on a filter coffee, whilst waiting for the parcel to be picked up. Placing the order, went next door and was abruptly stopped at the door. ‘Sir, you cannot enter because there is an event going on’; Fair enough, can I pick up a coffee or order one? ‘Sorry Sir, you will have to wait outside, till 8pm when the event ends’ and it was just 7.35 pm.

A bit put off, I tweeted about it, not knowing that the stalwarts of Twitter Netra, CoffeeNazi, Girish Mallya, Kanwarsation amongst others were present at the event. In a short while, there were comments coming in asking the problem etc.

I had forgotten about the episode, when a few days later a small packet was delivered to our registered office containing an apology letter, 5 vouchers, a small cup filled with chocolates.

I am absolutely delighted with the gesture, more so because it is unexpected, with no fan fare and proves that they (or their agency) is definitely listening. And yes, irrespective of the vouchers, I am definitely going back. Hopefully, a lot more brands will listen.

Written by AD
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