Nearly a fortnight ago, I was surprised to receive a mail from Puneet Gupta, the author of ‘The Suicide Banker’ telling me about himself, and that he had read some reviews of mine on my blog.

Coincidentally, I had been surfing my current favorite book store – and was on an Indian author trip and had already ordered his book.

I managed to read it and even promised to blog about it, however the past week had been extremely hectic (after all rozi roti ka sawaal pehle aata hai) but here goes.

It is simply written, fiction being married with truth and lets you peep into some of the ugly truth of the banking and financial circles. There are shades of biographical instances or that may be my perception. As a first book, Puneet has dug well into his professional background to write. Sumit, the protagonist is your average middle class management graduate, who wants the good life and hence chooses the private sector over his steady job and then gets sucked into a whirlpool of statistics, which make him question his decisions. Whilst there is an attempt to balance his personal & professional life, it loses the plot somewhere and begins to drag. The average readers aka with little or no exposure to Banking/financial institutions may find the novel dull, with very little spice.

A one time, airport, train read, better than some other ‘Indian authors’ I’ve read.