In my phase of wanting to try out Indian authors writing fiction, I ordered a couple of books from flipkart, which provided a good deal on them. I have blogged some of the better known earlier, but did not have the energy to do so for all of them, so clubbed the rest of them.

1888 Dial India by Anuvab Pal – Part Rant, Part Satire is how it is described, however it looked as if a collection of Tweets that were Rants. One of the most useless book I have had the misfortune to read.

Accidentally in Love by Nikita Singh – A truely chic lit fiction, where the so called modern self earning woman falls in love and is undecided. Add a bit of sex in Indian Mills & Boon and there you are. Managed to read it in an hour flat.

I never thought I could fall in Love  by Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu – Seems to be part autobiographical in nature written by Punjab da Puttar, something a lot of college students or millennials would identify with.

The Company Red by Shantanu Dhar – Soon to be a major motion picture says the mast head, humans, vampire, different fonts…..phew left it half way.