I had first eaten at Faasos in Pune more than a couple of years back and had loved their service and food, So when they opened in Bombay a while ago, passing by, I dropped in and found the same taste and put their number on my speed dial.

Over the past 6-8 months I have ordered half a dozen times and have had sweet-bitter experiences every time – starting from perfect delivery, not being delivered for more than 2 hours and being constantly assured that the boy had left, specifically requesting for change of 500/- and not receiving it etc. etc.

The last order was on Wednesday, when they managed to send an egg roll without onions against an Aaloo+Egg and that too after 4 calls and nearly 60 minutes.

Having said that, the price point has made it a run away success, added to that is the yummy taste of wraps.

The portions are decent. Two wraps are good enough to have your fill.

Now if they only get their delivery right!