Had been meaning to visit the place, more so since, had recommended it to friends but could not manage to join them.

Last week, after a heavy lunch, was feeling a bit peckish and so decided to try it out. Called up and they said no reservations taken, but since it was already 9 pm, they said come by and we’ll find you a place.

With the humidity, we opted to sit inside, which was pretty full. Ordered a drink and they kindly made a mocktail off the menu for my wife, who is a teetotaller and vegetarian.

We ordered french fries – just perfect, far superior to McD and the ilk. This was followed by onion rings – which were nice, but New Yorker has better. And then asked for a vegetable club sandwich – but had mushrooms – so changed it to Veg Burger (ya ya I know, there is no such thing) which was pretty good in itself, but the accompaniments – wedges and salad were outstanding.

A visit to try out the non vegetarian side of the menu is being planned soon, but overall it just proved why now we do not have to travel all the way to town.