I had blogged about authors from IIM & IIT in February 2010 here.

A lot of my twitter comrades had commented on it too. In the meantime, I had read the mint occasionally. After a while, maybe a year or so, I realized that I had the pleasure of interacting and then subsequently getting followed by the phamous Sidin and his more beautiful colleague Priya Ramani

Some banter about books, iPad, chargers, Hyde Park and finally some simple articles in the Mint by Sidin made me comment to him, that I shall buy his book & review it. Flipkart pre order to the rescue. Received it, morning flight to Bangalore, carried it along, flipped through a couple of pages, termed it frivolous (not that I read too much of heavy stuff) and it lay in the bag.

A fortnight ago, I threatened him with my review and keeping my promise, here it goes.

The book is not a literary masterpiece but neither does he claim it to be. It is a young, flippant take on consulting business, management graduates and life in general. Readers, followers may see some resemblance to his tweets or his blog which has not been updated since July – a shame really, but guess counting all that money, leaves him with little or no time.

The sub 35 or the compromise generation is definitely going to love the book and even identify with it, which would translate into strengthening the “Dork” franchise. As for me, I liked it as a flight read and yes shall pre book the III part. (And No, forget paying for this review, the cheeky bugger has not even signed my copies, but then today’s youngsters)