After joining twitter way back in 2009, there was always this major hashtag #FF (follow friday) every friday which used to cause disruption all around. I had blogged about it here and here.

In 2010 I had done a follow recommendation at the year end of all those who I followed. 2011 begun well enough, with my interacting with a lot of people but not following many of them. Some of them took it to heart, called me upon it etc, but I unfortunately just could not understand the logic. However I have always made it a point to try & respond to every reply that I receive.

Come December and a couple of people even asked me, whether I would do a yearly recco like the past year. Yes, it was on the top of my mind, but needed to do so for those who had made time for me, helped me without expectations – isn’t that what twitter and internet all about?

I tried to cover as many as my feeble memory could recall, however I am sure that many have been missed out, but hey keep interacting and there’s always the future. So here it goes, in no particular order……. (collation has been done thanks to Atul Karmarkar )
@pravahan A retailer in the north who provides interesting links, which I am unable to read everytime due to paucity of time #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 07:51:33

@Damodarmall A retailer whose name and game are same to same. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 07:58:51

@gopinathmm the silent man who observes a lot and beware that you may end up as a humor para somewhere. #YFR    T
hu Dec 29 2011 08:21:02

@QuirkyLogic who redefines and reminds you that Logic is quirky only, saradonically speaking of course. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 09:22:51

@AnjuJaison from Madras, but global at heart, warm and helpful. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 09:28:56

@manishalakhe A knowledgeable fun buddy, ever willing to party AND writes about entertainment with her heart. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 09:51:30

@kp1200 The Poddar from Ranchi…kya karta hai bhagwaan jaane, magar kaam ki cheez hai. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 09:55:34

@bkss The Man who goes on and off drinks so quickly that you wonder what he actually does. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 09:58:37

@SwatySMalik The hot, happening and helpful vakil sahiba from North. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:15:06

@splurgestar7 the diamond girl, who does not buy them for herself and religiously uses 4sq. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:21:10

@ktotlani The sai from Malad, quiet, well behaved getting married in 2012 so will have less time for twitter… #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:29:21

@Zingsup The hot, bong lawyer sahiba. Kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar, magar hamesha nazar rakhti hai apne bando pe. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:35:24

@ssawardekar The intelligent banker who listens and respond to my useless & baseless unsubstantiated tweets. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:41:27

@bhairavisagar A learned and travelled lady who can give you help and complex. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:44:27

@ankitagaba the lady who handles celebrity and found love via twitter in a way, b’coz she did not meet me earlier. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:47:48

@mehulved Cyclist. Don’t know what else he does besides getting hammered by some lovely ladies like…shhh #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:50:52

@vikrammoghe Puneites go meet him and contribute to #bglsr Now. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:53:51

@ishitashukla10 Mujhe ‘Ish’ mat kaho na….Eessh kya kahe #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 10:58:55

@yellotie this guy is fixated on ties and sock but does not work with either. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:04:58

@anandmahindra Walks the straight talk. #nuffsaid #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:24:10

@meetneo Reminds me of meet now, hard working businessman #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:28:15

@deepikah Dilli kudi designer, comes across as sunshine mostly that disappears with the fog. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:31:01

@ashwinmushran Man of many talents, chief amongst them being a lovely wife who is a fantastic baker. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:31:15

@jitengajaria Pole Dancer, BJP, old monk lover, old friend. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:34:17

@prashantdr Mountain climber, healthy nut, trainer, blogger – everything that I avoid #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:41:19

@pappupager ya munnamobile #youprefer magar kaam ki cheez hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:44:22

@sahilk Baccha jo peeta nahi tha, aaj jawaan ho gaya hai… #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:46:23

@RoycinD The most talked about Kidographer on twitter this year, who meets, shoots hot, happening women #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:49:24

@niksypixie Kid on the far side, suddenly grown up and knowledgeable & woodside regular #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:52:28

@chicabeingme This chica followed her heart and went back to learning. Wish I had the guts to do so. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 11:59:36

@ianpereira Friend, old monk lover, photographer, useless cricket addict, loves to profess knowledge of politics #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:03:37

@mysti Met her mysteriously at TGIF. Great source of digital knowledge. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:06:41

@R113 quiet at parties, walking partner for phamous peepul in mornings #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:08:40

@deepakshenoy Gyaani on markets, loves debate on laundry and washing machines #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:11:43

@shubHASHISH finisher of drinks, dancer with a topi, new owner of phone….totally jugaadu #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:15:46

@softykid The most helpful troll ever. If he stops asking for a treat watch out. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:19:47

@Pallavichhibber the advertising professional who advertises ‘detox’ during festive season, but aha that’s where they make money. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:22:51

@subhadra_72 the clockwork like motivational lady, who brings cheer. Is there sadness lurking in her eyes? #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:30:05

@Sameera22 The first 3 words of her bio are more than enough to exhaust me. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:33:03

@iYatinGupta who reaffirms his name to himself, tweets shockers (rather that he thinks will shock people). #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:36:07

@TripTeased Name changer kid, focused worker, party animal #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:38:07

@sukhkarni Sukh ki raani hai magar milne ki Pratiksha karni padegi kyon ki ‘Dilli’ bahut door hai. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:45:10

@Gauribee Singapore ki Raanee hai, daudti bhi bahut hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:48:12

@Vidyut The fiesty lady with courage in her convictions, hate her, love her but don’t ignore her. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:51:13

@vodkaholic loves paani puri with or without the vodka, comes from the Dravidian family…cross at your peril #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 12:55:15

@anilchintz bollywood dhinchak lover, kabhi PR karte karte Quench ho jata hai. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:01:17

@Flyfiddlesticks A nazi who’s also a mamma’s boy…..yeh duniya kaha jaa rahi hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:07:18

@FanishSingh do…co…mo …..doosra pata nahi kya karta hai yeh Singh? #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:10:22

@LizaSaha Bong bombshell in delhi. Kya galti hai yaar yeh #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:13:22

@razzdino Jo jaata hai woh laut ke waapis aata hai, seekho isse. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:16:24

@GabbbarSingh Kitne aadmi ko sambhale ga yeh bhaiyya ab, Thakur hi jaane. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:19:25

@aneeshb photographer, bewda, coffee baaz in no particular order. Abhi kaam bahut baaki hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:26:29

@andreaclear the Indian who works twice as hard to keep people happy. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:56:58

@bisprad the lesser known husband of the TV celebrity of Luv2HateU #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 13:59:30

@Joydas the helpful media partner not afraid to call Spade a spade…#YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 14:15:00

@taklooman the busy consultant whose reach is North and west towards the Best Parties. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 14:18:02

@iMayavi The gareeb laachaar cycle walloh ka madd gaar, or as @b50 would say Jhandu Jhaad lagane wallah. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 14:22:03

@JustJuning the jubebug from Ammar Kolkatta who promises super food if you visit. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 14:38:00

@nautanki Name says it all…. and remember he is #YRF whilst I refer to #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 14:51:31

@Aneebunee The scared giant who is always worried “Log kya kahenge” #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 14:52:53

@4eo A believer in journey who keeps traveling/driving so much that your legs start aching, is this leo #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 15:43:02

@vSAMosa Takia lover now converting to Balan…..similarly can’t decide between Mallu, Goan but is ok as long as there’s food & drinks #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 15:54:01

@twilightfairy followed her heart and enjoys what she does. Photographer to the rich & phamus weddings. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:03:01

@TusharG Activist, bhukkad addon married to my school friend, creates chaos wherever he goes. Watch out. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:20:02

@thecomicproject Phantom Troll from a never land, who sings, loves Kimi, Parveen Babi, Anna, Sunny, PC, Amma, Sibal in equal measure #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:30:03

@taprichai Whose name is completely misleading. Likes /Hates to take showers but can party with the best of them. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:34:01

@TheCoffeeNazi is the biggest cribber around, only way to shut him is talk about coffee, even better go & have coffee with pancakes. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:36:01

@tantanoo dhantanatan from Jaipur who has landed up in Madras. Does everything in reverse. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:41:02

@surekhapillai The ‘Teacher’ celebrity who is extra busy these days, but never to raise a toast with friends #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:45:02

@sunainak laadi, gaadi, khana, shana, iPad, shaipad; Khurana tum kab Undhiyu khaane aaoge. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:50:01

@SparxNet Silent bawa always more dangerous than talking bawa. Part time contributor to my posterous blog. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:55:02

@suketutalekar Kimi loving shivaji who is a serial promise breaker. Bombay still awaits his stuff. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 16:59:01

@sudhamshu the lad from chennai, who goes berserk when football is played and has perpetual photography issues. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:11:00

@soulucky the cinema man, who also is making his romance come alive in 2012, in the meantime give him KF & KFC #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:16:01

@javeedibrahim Baccho ka daktar babu hai, so bahut kaam ki cheez hai, particularly with everyone behaving like a child these days. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:25:01

@stephnd Daktar banu ki tech gyaani, koi farak nahi padta, paise jaha milega wahi hum chale jayenge #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:29:01

@suddentwilight Chandrmukhi ho ya paro -mind ya dil thikane nahi rehta. Kaam karu ki jashn, koi farak nahi padta yaaro, time baaki hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:35:00

@sonikabhasin Health nut who loves to eat, promised me a comic diary which is in the mail 🙁 #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:40:01

@sm63 The original social media guru with a view on news that worries him. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:44:02

@shivaranjan The dual phone maccha from Chennai, source code for airtel reference numbers, busy after his marriage, but table worries #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:52:01

@free_rider Iske saath mere peechu half dozen Gandhi magar koi bhi Mahatma nahi hai. Yeh toh bilkul nahi. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 17:57:00

@probablytrippy A real tripping guy who has just done a Thai trip with his wife ? #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:26:58

@shawnlewis Painter, CBTL mayor, theatre lover, all round nice boy. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:29:21

@shailaja disappearing patrakar, takes more holidays than any of us #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:33:24

@shahpriya Bombay girl transplanted to SF, dreams Thepla, khakhra, whilst making presentations, BB cribber and iPhone convert #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:37:40

@shaaqT aicha gho, Raanee Talwarbai, hard nut, soft inside, loves food, animals, people in no particular order. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:41:32

@schmmuck Resident bewda troll, changes jobs faster than undies, visits Goa like Virar, & then wonders why girls are not interested. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:45:37

@saurabh Mensa and poker player, lazy, unfocused bum #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:49:42

@SashG Healthy editor, recently minted trainer, #bglsr joint comptroller #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:55:50

@raggedtag The rachana jo vichitra nahi hai, magar bahut views hai. Bappa re #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 18:57:52

@rashmibansal the Phamus author who has stopped blogging. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:01:57

@recnamorcen The photographer who works when not busy photographing. Has also applied for auditing various airports. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:17:09

@RaviKapoor the always helpful, in pain, young man who breathes bollywood, dreams Cahnada and survives on Chicken, beer and vodka #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:17:35

@dina The social media guru who one can only admire from afar. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:18:01

@rehabc The disappearing lady who has a good word for everyone but can freeze you with a look. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:21:11

@s4sukhdeep A lovelorn sardar who travels like a courier. Has quite fixed views on things #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:24:47

@saffrontrail Pre Twitter connection, runner, eater, blogger, writer…phew! Exhausting. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:28:28

@qtfan Doctor, loyal reader, eater communicator, works in India, heart in Aussieland. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:31:56

@sampad Original social media gyaani, made millions selling off business, now having fun in unemployment. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:32:32

@atulkarmarkar Made his money working for a big IT company and in the stock market is now looking at options for work & marriage #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:33:34

@AshuMittal super photographer who promised me a potrait, busy as new momma but makes guest appearances. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:36:38

@Asfaq Not afaq. Seems to be working hard these days, since not seen here too much. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:39:41

@aarwen Our Rajputana Rifles. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:42:21

@arnab_das In transit Doctor, abhi degree baaki hai. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:42:41

@AlishaCoelho Hot model turned Juorno, writes about everything under the sun in between taking holidays to sri lanka, goa etc. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:42:45

@arabicaah Goan Patrao, technology keeda, my go to for Nokia gyan #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:43:50

@aDeSe Aditi O Aditi….traveller, networker, addicted to Ideas #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:46:16

@anmenon Naye Bangalore waasi, bahut mehnat karte hai twitter aur kaam pe…. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:47:17

@aaR4 The vilayti desi who has an open heart and cheque book. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:48:18

@a_appy The hot biker mulgi, studying in far dilli, wishing to settle in france #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:50:21

@Ankit_A Jaipur se chali gaadi Chennai se chali gaadi Bombay, sirf khana, daaru wohi raha. Aaj kal thode bizzy hai janaab #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:51:20

@_PWN Indore – Chandigarh – Bombay — dost, pyaar, naukri….kudi bahut ghoomti hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:52:19

@prolificd ‘NOT’ but an akkdabaaz who is undecided between work or unemployment; love or marriage; iPad or Nokia #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 19:52:20

@baxishweta Strong Mother, sister, daughter, somebody we admire. Great going #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 20:05:22

@baxiabhishek MS worker converted to consultant, slated for marriage shortly #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 20:11:52

@b50 phamus, promoter of #bglsr gyaani on market, politics, english music, movies hates aami, loves buying new technology #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 20:14:17

@Decloned_iTaz The lovely lady from Navsari, with heart in Hyderabad and mind in Bombay #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 20:39:34

@beastoftraal Karthick calling karthick….worried pop, tweeter of links and multi tweets, blogger. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 21:07:06

@Berges BawMac noise maker, oogler of LBD, protestor for everything under the sun, a juggad SoBo master #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 21:18:00

@BewdaBawa Now a kalankh to his handle, owner of camera larger than him Mayor of railway stations. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 21:24:51

@bhatnaturally Gayatri pita, apple man, recently turned butter fingers, my go to help for apple apps #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:00:07

@Bhooshan Young recently married, worried about world, camera buff & Mall addict #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:02:18

@blahssome Bhandarkar loves her, celebrity, movie watcher, perpetual vacation taker, dharavi & taxi lover…works when required #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:05:49

@calamur film maker, strong opinions, columnist, principled buddy from Ryze days never met but for Twitter #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:28:59

@Chet6 Bakuda from London who visited me on my birthday last year, a toast master with hard on for free wifi & yen for travel #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:29:52

@chhavi Bebeh with a husky ‘usha uthup’ voice behind #bglsr co comptroller #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:31:30

@chiefsanjay Yoga and Anna groupie. Kabhi dubai toh kabhi Nagpur, Tweeter of multi mentions #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:32:51

@chin80 Baroda no Chokro, paneer and anda eater, friday drinker who has a lovely wife #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:34:04

@crazytwism Martin but not the Martin restaurant, has variety of opinions some make sense and some nonsense. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:35:24

@CruciFire The kid from Kerala now working in Khar…pata nahi Kanya kaha se layega #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:51:07

@DeepXP Compulsive technology purchaser with a lovely wife who shares my birthdate. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:53:02

@dharmeshG Phenku, encyclopedia of movies & serials, responsible for beer and rum sales increase, owes me dozen pens brought from USA #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:55:02

@DhirenSalian compulsive runner, researcher of shoes, strapped in passenger a total value buy #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:56:23

@DrVinzzz Jo dakter hai bhi aur nahi bhi, makes eminent sense most of the time 😉 #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 22:57:54

@DTHAPAR The Macbeth dentist from Nagpur. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:05:08

@Finelychopped KK the transplanted bongobrit who experiments with food quite successfully but has to work to pay for all of it. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:08:45

@fossfan BongoCycle who exercises so he can eat; earns so he can spend, reads, listens to podcasts & watches movies enough for 7 lifes #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:10:51

@freegeek SoBo shivaji hacker whose google phone takes him anywhere via chembur. Trenchman of particular note drives a 4 wheel auto #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:12:29

@gaurivij the lovely lady who always comes bearing edible gifts; sends her trainers on vacation during festive season #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:14:44

@GautamGhosh Dada from Kolkatta – Jamshedpur – Delhi now in Bangalore, HR turned marketing;koi farak nahi..dono topi laganeka kaam hai #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:19:52

@girishmallya Bhag Girish Bhag….Judgesaab, watcher of value time movies, known penchant for deals, coffee lover, unmarried #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:23:06

@GulPanag Sexy, humane, daughter, sister, wife artist the only one who has met my wife but not me. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:24:20

@hardik genial reserve bank of software, now married to a lovely girl who is equally important 😉 #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:28:10

@Harishk owner of sunto punto, house magar dil abhi bhi hai khali for a nice girl from Kerala #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:29:25

@hiway biker turned photographer turned developer, love brought him to Bombay, now survives on chai, khari, biryani, kebabs #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:30:45

@iamShishir Unmarried gujjubhai who forsakes photography for idli, filter coffee, ragda pattice and my go to man for BB #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:31:58

@ideasmithy don’t believe her bio, writings….a totally warm hearted person who loves to pretend otherwise #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:34:14

@ikaveri wife, sister, mother, griend who has lived life on her terms. All woman. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:35:19

@jhunjhunwala The markets keep him down, counting losses, but cricket, government and sunny shall bring him out again. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:37:20

@JoyAndLife Sardar, Single Malt, Sigret, in personal life, coach professionally #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:39:25

@jun6lee SRK fan, India visitor, has promised me a role in his movie to be made in 2014 #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:40:15

@kapilb SoBo to Nairobi kaha kaha jaata hai tu paapi pet ke sawaal mein…#YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:41:30

@keeda original funky with whom we trended #jaljeera now busy earning a living in the Amreeka so that he can get married. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:42:56

@kiranmanral TV actress, mall visitor, mother of brat, cook to be feared, promoter of Indiahelps and ex colleague of ex colleagues #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:45:01

@kusum_rohra sai from Chembur now in chennai promised me bottles of booze that is still awaited #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:45:52

@labellagorda spanish mem landed in Bombay loves her darlings and work at times #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:47:42

@mad_nad Madrasi transplanted to Mumbai. Keh bhi nahi sakte, seh bhi nahi sakte #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:48:45

@madhumita Boudi, buddy of KC, can eat drink and shoot as well or better than men. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:49:55

@mahafreed Bawi reporter/teacher wants to be on TV with her own show which she would be good at. #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:51:22

@maheshmurthy money lender with a heart #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:52:03

@MaxQ8 Man from Middle east perpetually worried – family, country, traffic #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:53:11

@meerasapra Comic creator, visitor to bombay, london, delhi someone who could not sleep once, today sleeps more than us #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:54:38

@Meetasengupta writes about complicated things simply #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:55:44

@mloclam man from vasai who fortunately does not have insane tendencies like Amit #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:56:40

@mojorojo Gujarati chokro, talking on stage in Eenglish protected by Baa ka Kawach #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:57:42

@MumbaiCentral eater, traveller, lawyer in no particular order and yes mango lover #YFR
Thu Dec 29 2011 23:59:24

@musingsman surveyor of BMC potholes and lover of single malts #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:00:16

@nakulshenoy father of 3, a kid himself easily read, hurts easily, seeks approval. Good human #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:02:35

@NE0HP catches train from some place or other. Traveller hai ya train conducter? #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:03:36

@neetakolhatkar Jai Jhansi ki raani, speaks on tv and twitter the same way. Aai zowli mumbai pehli #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:04:42

@Netra Jeev daya netraprabha somebody I know since she began her first job. Lovely, helpful friend. Happy birthday #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:05:57

@nikhilnarayanan Mallu gyaani on economics, politics, thinks too much #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:06:55

@nikster007 Nikki bwouy the eternal party boy, jab mil baithenge hum saath #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:07:39

@nirav a big adda at Blogadda #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:08:26

@NomadWanderer Me 20 years ago. Isko bhi akal badaam khane ya wine peene se nahi aayegi, thokar khaane se aayegi. But still my dudette #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:10:08

@oldmonkMGM bokachoda par excellence, kolkotta or detroit hobe ebrething is same #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:11:14

@OmkarDash Oriya in Chennai – undecided on whether to work, study, get married or do all three #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:12:07

@paavani trendy traveller, cribs about India in India, cribs about being far from India when abroad. *sigh* No pleasing this woman #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:14:08

@priyaramani Yummy mummy of babyjaan, gives two hoots about what others think and lives life. #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:20:45

@priyankac19 Hot mamma, warm and a delight to talk to. Always the first one to greet you even in a crowded mall #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:21:49

@PritishNandy a young stud who is unafraid to give an opinion and stick to it. Down to earth conversationalist #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:24:12

@prempanicker love his job, writes a couple of line disappears on a vacation and gets paid in
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:25:12

@monikamanchanda A warm, helpful bangalore foodie to be met #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:25:33

@prateekgupta Sab bandar ka vyapaari ab traffic mein aur building ki nichu fielding bharta hai #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:27:17

@pervinsanghvi lovely Bawi with a golden heart who brings the best cake when she meets me #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:29:18

@greenentropy lovely lady, but when will she discover boys instead of just music and photographs #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 00:35:35

@archie229 the kid who has grown and started work, but still peeks in to check on everyone. 😉 #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 09:52:28

@jaspreetdua The Dilli maan, who has been visiting Bombay quite often and has been making enquiries about moi. Praaji thode saamne aao #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 09:55:44

@uble_ande Ande toh uble nahi, magar mayawati ke wahan reh kar desh pe nazar zaroor rakhte ho #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 09:59:46

@OldMonkBaba Ferrari sochne se nahi aati, kahan toh pure Baba banjao – Ramdev ya Satyadev, nahi toh kaam pe lago #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:02:50

@puskaraj7 Brand banana chahta hai yeh baccha, koi toh madad karo. Khwaish puri hogayi teri? #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:06:51

@mrssonal The optimist, always willing to share cheer, with khaman dhokla but alas no beer #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:08:52

@GulabiAakhien_ Sharaabi yeh dil hogaya….nuffsaid #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:10:54

@VenuSpeak Kolkatta mein reh kar, economy, didi, politics pe baat karta hai, magar long distance se bhi badi kaam ki cheez hai #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:12:52

@ghaatidancer Milti hai tabhi ‘jaadu ki Jhaapi’ nahi deti…shaant si rehti hai… *sigh* #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:14:57

@GayatriiM Mantra toh jaapte hai sab inka magar yeh khud Gulzaarji ke pankha hai. Chalo koi nai #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:16:56

@probabilism the economist who is probably nursing a football dream. But hey economics is probably a ball or balloon too #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 10:18:57

@shamikv Tech buff, loves fusion food experimentation and non vegetarian outside of base station #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 12:50:30

@bejafry Annonymous, magar kabhi daaru pi ke danga karta hai… #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 12:52:33

@GazabGujju one of my rare trolls who makes unannounced visits irregularly, accusing me of everything #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 12:55:33

@arjunghosh Bengali babu, social media guru, lazy…..not ashamed to beg 😉 #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 12:58:38

@shamit builds buildings, relationships of the steady, solid, consistent kind. #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 13:01:39

@69fubar Young Bwouy, not mental as he likes to pretend, makes a lot of sense most of the time #YFR
Fri Dec 30 2011 13:05:45

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