Disclaimer: There may be a bit of bias about this review. 1) I know the author 2) my wife knows the author 3) my wife knows the author’s MIL

In January 2012 without too much fanfare the book was released. Suddenly the author was in the news, congratulations were being given and it was being talked about in Twitter, FaceBook. I decided that along with my monthly/quarterly quota of flipkart order I would check it out.

Bam, next day at work got a courier in brown cover with no return address. In these days of terrorism, asked my assistant to open it, before realising I did not have one (cost cutting). Opened it slowly and it was the book “The Reluctant Detective” by Kiran Manral AND duly inscribed. Whoa!

It went with a lot of other books on my bedside shelf (11 fiction, 4 biz & 37 kindle download), laying forgotten, till last week. My daughter reminded me that she had read it and found it funny, and never realised Kirsn Aunty wrote such funny things.

Started reading it on Friday night.

The first impact – Jeez this seems to be a live story! Given her penchant of tweeting about her brat, Honda driving hubby and weight psychosis.

As I progressed further, started visualising the location, people, apartments sometimes with a smirk, sometimes with a smile. If you ask a hardcore fiction reader like me, there are no twists, turns, edge of the seat stuff. But it keeps a smile as Kay bumbles thru giving the impression of should I or should I not?

The end leaves, with the thought – Yeh Kay kabhi nahi sudhergi and will be back.

As a first time author, a good effort amongst her myriad activities. Would have preferred it a bit crisper/tighter around 165 pages. Pricing is just right for people to buy and read it. Marketing it using social media and read outs will ensure a couple of repeat prints. AND yes will read the second one too.

Written by AD
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