I had received this book more than a month ago and it had just been dumped in my dozens of books lying by the side to be read. Whilst waiting for the Kindle to be charged last week, began riffling thru the book, with little hope of it proving to be good enough to be read completely.

It turned out to be a delicious cocktail of everything we Indians like, do but don’t announce. It has the intelligent techie with his own agenda, a boy next door who is unable to tell his parents about his firang love and finally succumbs to somebody “hamare jaisi”whilst the techie has to pay for his mistake. Nicely tied down, but then hey, we are Indians and like happy endings.

The story is nicely woven, with very little drag in between at points, but the flow does not slow down at all. A nice addition to Indian fiction and the author needs to continue writing.