A place that was not even on my radar over the last one year. One day a lovely lady from Delhi who had visited the place a couple of time, took me there. The address did not prepare me for the restaurant. The Pagoda, high ceiling place with water tinkling into the pool was a refreshing.

With only one table being occupied, we decided to sit near the pool, with me voicing my misgivings about nobody around there.

Then began my education. We selected the starters, different kind of chicken, basa, rice cakes, some vegetarian mixed stuff, different kinds of dumplings……on and on and on…..the starters went, accompanied by a couple of beers it felt that I had put on couple of kilos and Mains were really far….

So, we did the next best thing and opted for the variety of bite sized desserts followed by the lovely baskin robbins ice cream scoop.

This place is totally paisa vasool the variety offered is worth the value price, helped bythe ambience, helpful staff creating an overall experience. The advantage of selecting the starters and they serving it at your table is extremely convenient. I need to return quickly with my family soon.

AND Yes with half hour the place was packed!

Location: Bandra West
Meal: Dinner
Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Damages: around 2600 for 2 inc drinks